PDP launches call for input amid 'broad consensus' of support from identity providers

The Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) has launched a call for input into its identity approach, targeting pension providers, schemes, trustees and software suppliers, having received a "broad consensus" of support from identity providers.

In particular, the PDP's October 2020 market engagement found that 90 per cent of identity providers could provide identity in line with Good Practice Guide (GPG) 45.

In light of this, the programme confirmed that although it is including different approaches in its research, there is enough evidence to proceed in line with the principle in the consultation response, and it therefore expects to base its standards on GPG 45.

In addition to this, 71 per cent of identity providers agreed that the GPG 45 medium level of confidence for identity proofing was the correct approach for the PDP, with 81 per cent confirming that they could support this.

PDP acknowledged, however, that there were differing views, with several respondents stating that high or very high, or low, confidence levels were more appropriate or sufficient, confirming that it will factor these views into its ongoing research.

The findings also explored capability by exploring what differing levels of confidence could be supported, with 76 per cent of respondents stating that they could provide identities to a low level of confidence, increasing to 86 per cent for medium levels of confidence.

It also found that 86 per cent of respondents would be able to support a level of confidence between low and medium, in the event that neither low nor medium levels of confidence were deemed appropriate.

In light of the findings, the PDP stated that the “broad consensus” has given it “sufficient confidence” to continue with the proposed approach and seek further clarity from pension providers via a call for input, which closes on 19 March.

PDP senior product owner for identity, Jon Pocock, commented: “Every part of creating pensions dashboards is an exercise in collaboration and this input was invaluable in further shaping the identity service.

“As a result of the positive response, we now have the confidence to engage pension providers with our proposals.

“We want to clarify any questions that pension providers may have around how we intend to support identity and provide verified personal information so they can find users’ pension holdings."

He added: “We have launched a call for input on our approach, targeting pension providers, schemes, trustees and software suppliers.

“We aim to gain feedback and views and seek broad acceptance from those parties that are responsible for providing data to dashboards, which we refer to as data providers."

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