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Time for change: An interview with Nick Burns, CEO, Gallagher’s Employee Benefits Consulting Division, U.K

Francesca Fabrizi interviews Nick Burns, CEO, Gallagher’s Employee Benefits Consulting Division, U.K about the UK pensions industry and asks why the time for change is now

Addressing climate change risk in fixed income portfolios

Francesca Fabrizi meets Lee Clements, director of SRI research at FTSE Russell, to discuss climate change risk in investment portfolios

The modern age

Deputy editor Natalie Tuck chats to the ABI’s Yvonne Braun about her work at the ABI and her thoughts on key pension topics

Stepping into the spotlight

Laura Blows speaks to Laird R. Landmann, group managing director and co-director of fixed income at US-based TCW, about the opportunities TCW can provide for UK pension funds

A balancing act

Laura Blows talks to the Society of Pension Professionals president, Paul McGlone, about both the industry's and the society's latest developments.

Spotlight on pensions tracing: making huge strides in a changing world

Alex Mitchell, Head of Tracing & Data Solutions at Capita, meets Francesca Fabrizi, Editor in Chief of Pensions Age to discuss recent trends in the pensions tracing space

MAC strategies in focus

Francesca Fabrizi meets Craig Scordellis, Head of Long-Only Multi-Asset Credit at CQS, to discuss what MAC strategies can offer pension schemes today

An alternative approach

Laura Blows speaks to NEST’s CIO Mark Fawcett to discuss its investment into alternative asset classes

All change

Laura Blows speaks to PMI president Lesley Carline about how the institute is continuously adapting to cater to evolving industry requirements

PPF purple trends

Laura Blows speaks to the Pension Protection Fund's chief financial officer Andy McKinnon about the latest version of the PPF's Purple Book

Bridging the gap

Pensions Age speaks to NEST’s director of strategy, Zoe Alexander, about tackling the gender gap within retirement income provision

Fixed income: new opportunities

Francesca Fabrizi meets Ahmed Talhaoui, Head of International Product Strategy for BlackRock's Global Fixed Income Group, to discuss how fixed income markets have evolved and what opportunities are available for pension funds to build robust portfolios

Absolute return focus

Laura Blows speaks to Matthew Bullock, Investment Director - Multi-Asset, Wellington Management, about absolute return strategies

Engaging tactics

Laura Blows talks to Mark Rowlands, director of customer engagement at NEST, about how to increase member engagement

Investment matters

Laura Blows talks to NEST CIO Mark Fawcett about managing market conditions and compiling the best fund choices for DC members

Conditional data – the bedrock of good scheme governance

Duncan Watson, managing director of products and services, EQ Paymaster at Equiniti, talks to Francesca Fabrizi about the importance of conditional data to good scheme governance and how to get there

Reducing DB schemes stress

PMI technical consultant Tim Middleton talks to Laura Blows of Pensions Age about the proposed solutions for stressed DB schemes

Franklin Templeton Video interview

The benefits of multi-asset credit. Francesca Fabrizi meets Tom Raftery, senior product manager at Franklin Templeton Investments, to discuss multi-asset credit and the benefits it can offer pension schemes today.

Getting smart with sustainability

Francesca Fabrizi speaks to David Harris, Head of Sustainable Investment at FTSE Russell, about how sustainable investment is coming to the fore

Some good advice

Laura Blows speaks to TPAS chief executive Michelle Cracknell about the issues facing pension savers and the latest developments within the organisation

Cautious optimism in a challenging world

Matthew J. Bullock, Investment Director, Global Multi-Asset Strategies, Wellington Management, meets Francesca Fabrizi to discuss how multi-asset strategies can help investors

2017: The Data Challenge

Laura Blows talks to Duncan Watson, managing director of products and services, EQ Paymaster, about why pension schemes should focus on data quality

All change?

Adam Cadle speaks to PASA chair, Margaret Snowdon, about the current pensions administration landscape and what we can expect going forward

Meeting the challenge

Laura Blows speaks to SPP president Hugh Nolan about the latest pensions issues and how the SPP is helping its members rise to the challenge

Pensions administration – upping the game

Francesca Fabrizi meets Mark Adamson, director at JLT Employee Benefits, to discuss the current trends in pension scheme administration today

Shaping the future

Adam Cadle talks to former Pensions Minister Ros Altmann about the current pensions landscape

A spotlight on multi-asset credit

Francesca Fabrizi asks Craig Scordellis, portfolio manager at CQS, what a multi-asset credit strategy can offer UK pension funds in today’s environment

Building on success

Laura Blows talks to ITM executive chairman Duncan Howorth (formerly JLT CEO) about his new role and the evolving nature of ITM

Making portfolios robust to change

Laura Blows talks to James Clunie, head of strategy absolute return at Jupiter Asset Management, about how he seeks to make investment portfolios robust to change

Reflect and change

Laura Blows talks to Vince Linnane, CEO of the PMI, about his retirement and industry changes

Responsible investing
Laura Blows speaks to Standard Life head of investment solutions, Gareth Trainor, about the latest responsible investment trends and developments for providers, pension schemes and their members

ESG and member engagement
Laura Blows speaks to Legal &General Investment Management head of DC, Emma Douglas, and Nest Insight Director of Research and Innovation, Jo Phillips, about member attitudes towards ESG and how this may impact upon pension fund investments

Sovereign bonds and climate change considerations
In Pensions Age's latest podcast, Laura Blows is joined by Hilary Norris, Product Manager, Sustainable Investment, EMEA, FTSE Russell, to discuss sovereign bonds and climate change considerations

Climate Investing
Laura Blows speaks to Aled Jones, Head of Sustainable Investing for Europe at FTSE Russell, and Adam Matthews, Director of Ethics and Engagement for the Church of England Pensions Board, about the role of climate investing within a pension fund portfolio.

Managing volatility
In the latest Pensions Age podcast, Laura Blows speaks to Cambridge Associates head of European pension practice, Alex Koriath, about the Covid-related market volatility and how pension funds can prepare for the challenges ahead