CWU urges members to write to MPs to defend pension triple lock

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has written to its members urging them to write to their MP to request their support in defending the state pension triple lock from being scrapped.

It has been rumoured that Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is weighing up the possibility of scrapping the triple lock due to the economic fallout surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, despite the Conservative Party’s manifesto pledge not to do so.

The Treasury is reportedly concerned about forecasts for strong wage growth in 2021, when workers’ salaries are likely to recover from the lows caused by furlough under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

This is problematic as the triple lock ensures that state pensions rise every April based on whichever is higher out of wages, inflation or 2.5 per cent.

However, CWU said that it opposed scrapping the policy and will be raising the issue with the Labour Party as part of its campaigning work.

It issued members with a template letter to send to their respective MPs, saying that the union “cannot allow the government to begin to make vulnerable sections of our society pay what would be a heavy price as they look to address failings in the economy”.

Addressing members, CWU policy advisor to the general secretary and retired member, Norman Candy, said that it was “extremely worrying” that the government mat be considering scrapping the triple lock.

“If this goes, it will have a far greater impact on the pensioners of tomorrow than on the pensioners of today – because of the triple lock’s cumulative effect,” he continued.

“When people attack the triple lock, they sometimes portray this as a generational divide – implying that the older generation are being selfish in defending this at the expense of the younger generation.

“But please don’t be fooled – whatever age you are now, you will get older and, when you do, you’ll need the best possible pension so you can live your later years in security.

“This is a fight for today, but most importantly, it’s a fight for everyone’s future.”

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