Third of workers expect to work beyond SPA

One third of UK workers plan on continuing to work once they reach state pension age, research from Rest Less has found.

The survey revealed that the most common reasons for savers to continue working were related to finances or health.

Two in five respondents said they believed they could not afford to retire, with the figure rising to 51 per cent for those aged between 35 and 44.

Around half of the 2,000 workers surveyed responded that they would continue to work to keep busy, meet new people and learn new skills.

However, just one in 10 said that they planned to work full-time, with one in four saying that they expected to be working part-time.

Rest Less’s report also revealed that 57 per cent of men said that they would continue working out of choice, compared to just 44 per cent of women.

Although, one in three women said that they planned to volunteer once they had reached state pension age, while just 22 per cent of men said that they would volunteer.

Rest Less founder, Stuart Lewis commented: "Our population is ageing and we can all look forward to longer, more active working lives.

"The health and well-being benefits of continuing to work into retirement are well documented and it's encouraging to see a large proportion of the population planning to continue working in a full or part-time role.

"The depressing fact is that for 40 per cent of those planning to work beyond the state pension age, it's not out of a lifestyle choice but simply because they cannot afford to retire."

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