Equiniti calls for collaboration between software and admin providers on dashboard

Equiniti has called for software and administration providers to work together on ensuring that the dashboard is a “suitable platform”, especially in driving the early phases of its delivery.

EQPaymaster propositions and solutions director, Chris Connelly, said although much of the pensions dashboard conversation had “centred on the ability of providers to get their data on to the platform”, administration providers would still “play a central role in ensuring there actually is a suitable platform for them to use in the first place”.

Following the government’s publication of the feasibility study last week, Equiniti confirmed that it is preparing to become dashboard ready for its launch.

Connelly continued: “We are preparing both our compendia and recently acquired administrator platform to accommodate provider data in time for the launch next year, as well as delivering a gold standard ISP to aggregate pots and provide true value for the consumers we service.”

Equiniti is calling for the collaboration as it will be software and administration providers that will control the interfacing of data to ISPs, leaving the providers to get their data in order.

EQPaymaster director, Michael Lightfoot added: “It is crucial that administration and software providers come together and cooperate so that we are in the best possible position to welcome provider data and serve our members.

"We are already well placed to work collaboratively and deliver this initiative under the guidance of the Single Financial Guidance Body.”

“Once the administrators have built the foundation for the dashboard, providers will have a clear scope of how they can best contribute data and the industry can take the next steps in this momentous project.”

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