You will manage a portfolio of FTSE100 clients, ensuring they have a protection, support and solutions to their EB proposition in Healthcare. You will provide full services to your impressive client portfolio and attend client and provider meetings regularly, to develop retainable and commercial relationships. Key skills will be your ability to quickly understand the workforce and health within the firms you work with, provide support on fitness tests and absence management services, as well as being expert in solutions and changing the conversation on Healthcare. You will be working in a team of like-minded professionals with support on your administration to ensure you provide a high quality service as well as ensuring you do ‘keep in touch’ regularly with mid-year reviews, renewal reports and full medical surveys. You will be a clear communicator able who is passionate about their career, and this employer will ensure you remain current in the industry, are visible at seminars and provide encourage you to continue to develop personally. A very good benefit package and a motivating work environment.
Posted: 15/07/2019
Job type
£45,000 to £60,000 pa
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