Creative Pension Trust (CPT) is a Master Trust Pension Scheme (authorised under the Pension Schemes Act 2017) with approaching 15,000 Participating Employers and assets under management now exceeding £250m and growing rapidly.

We are seeking applicants from Corporate Trustees bodies and from Individual Professional Trustees, to include applicants for the role of Chair of Trustees.

All applicants are expected to meet a high standard of fitness and propriety and should have strong competencies and experience in a DC (preferably Master Trust) environment. All applicants as a minimum must have completed all relevant modules of TPR Trustee Toolkit, preference is for candidates to have passed the PMI’s “Award in Trusteeship” exam.

To apply please forward a CV to, CV’s should include details of any specific areas of specialisation. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a formal interview with representatives from the Scheme Sponsor and Manager, Creative Auto Enrolment Ltd and (for the non-Chair role) the current Chair of Trustees.
Posted: 26/11/2019
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