FCA introduces annuity market reforms to encourage shopping around

The Financial Conduct Authority has today, 26 May 2017, introduced new rules requiring providers to give consumers information prompts to encourage shopping around in the annuity market

Thousands of small businesses may face fines due to TPR website crash

Thousands of small businesses owners looking to auto-enrol face fines after part of The Pensions Regulator’s website crashed earlier this week

Nuclear workers accept improved pensions offer

Employees at nuclear decommissioning sites across the UK have voted to accept new pension terms following an improved offer on what were unpopular reforms

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Officially extending TPR’s powers is not essential – Mercer

A legal extension of The Pension Regulator’s powers is not necessarily needed, Mercer has said

Govt should “stop tinkering” with pension reforms and tackle working age complacency - ACA

The UK government should “stop tinkering” with pension reforms and instead tackle complacent savings behaviour among working age people, the Association of Consulting Actuaries has suggested

Double lock to cost exactly the same as the triple lock – IFS

The double lock policy will cost the UK exactly the same as the triple lock, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has said

PIC completes £200m buy-in with 3i Group Pension Plan

The Pension Insurance Corporation has completed a £200m buy-in with trustees of the 3i Group Pension Plan

Getting smart with sustainability
Francesca Fabrizi speaks to David Harris, Head of Sustainable Investment at FTSE Russell, about how sustainable investment is coming to the fore

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Changing faces

It’s well established that diverse boards usually improve company decision making and business performance. Pension funds are waking up to this reality,

but there’s still a lot of work to be done

Is anybody listening?

With the government concerned with political popularity and regulators focused on pleasing the government, is the pensions industry ever really listened to? Natalie Tuck investigates

The rise of the robots?

Despite widespread expectations that technology will revolutionise, and in many cases take over, humans’ jobs, Gill Wadsworth finds that the majority of those working in the pensions industry will not be so easy to replace

A promotional mix

Adam Cadle looks at how pension providers promote pensions as a product to customers at a crucial period in the private savings programme

Poles apart

Peter Carvill looks at the different investment needs and considerations of DB and DC funds, their differences and similarities, and whether those are quite so pronounced as the edges between the two are blurring

New kid on the block

Blockchain technology has been gathering a lot of attention for its potential to ‘revolutionise’ the financial sector and beyond. Laura Blows explores its potential applications within the pensions industry

Time for a makeover

John Kenchington discusses the methods required to fix the pensions industry’s image problem

Playing the game

Looking at data to note trends or make predictions is a tricky game to play, especially when the nature of the pensions industry keeps changing, potentially

rendering previous findings irrelevant. Laura Blows looks into the process of obtaining meaningful information through data analysis

The big three on trial

The weight of opinion against perceived conflicts of interest among consultants offering products looks likely to lead to FCA regulation. David Rowley looks at both sides of the argument

Under pressure

Trustees are facing an increasing number of challenges, due to increasingly onerous regulations, new investment products to understand and growing scrutiny of their role. Louise Farrand looks at how trustees are managing this pressure

Net-pay versus relief at source schemes; the tax relief misdemeanour

The type of scheme an employee is enrolled in determines whether low-paid earners receive tax-relief on their contributions, but the government has said it is “not possible” to change this. Natalie Tuck investigates

Pension rights for all

Steve Wardlaw asks whether the pensions industry will push for LGBT equality or be pushed into it via court cases

Getting smart with sustainability
Francesca Fabrizi speaks to David Harris, Head of Sustainable Investment at FTSE Russell, about how sustainable investment is coming to the fore

Some good advice
Laura Blows speaks to TPAS chief executive Michelle Cracknell about the issues facing pension savers and the latest developments within the organisation

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Adam Cadle provides a summary of the big pensions stories to have hit the headlines this week
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