AUTUMN BUDGET 2017: Public service pension costs forecast to rise by £3bn

The cost of public service pensions is forecast to grow by £3bn between 2020 and 2022, Budget documents have revealed.

According to the Autumn Budget supporting documents, the net public service pension payments expenditure for the Treasury is expected to rise by £3bn from £13.6bn in 2020 to 2021, to £16.6bn in 2022 to 2023

AUTUMN BUDGET 2017: Business rates switch to CPI reinforces argument for DB switch – Nolan

The government’s decision to bring forward a switch from RPI to CPI for business rates “reinforces the argument for DB schemes” to be allowed to switch the CPI, it has been claimed

29% of baby boomers still don’t understand pension freedoms

Despite being introduced over two years ago, 29 per cent of baby boomers still do not understand the freedom and choice pension reforms, a report has revealed

Guest Comment: Advising transfers

ACA chairman Bob Scott discusses the complexities and costs of advising DB transfers

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AUTUMN BUDGET 2017: Business as usual as Chancellor leaves pensions alone

It is welcome news for many in the pensions industry as Chancellor Philip Hammond chose to leave pensions alone in his Budget announcement today

AUTUMN BUDGET 2017: ‘No news is good news’ says industry

The industry has reacted to today’s Budget announcements with relief at pensions largely being left untouched, tinged with disappointment at the lost opportunity to address pensions tax relief and intergenerational fairness

AUTUMN BUDGET 2017: Increase in the personal tax allowance to benefit AE – Aegon

The increase in the personal tax allowance to £11,850 from 6 April 2018 may encourage people to continue saving into a pension once auto-enrolment contribution rates rise in April, Aegon head of pensions Kate Smith has said

AUTUMN BUDGET 2017: TPR to clarify guidance on long-term investments for pension funds

The Pensions Regulator is to clarify guidance on investments with long-term investments horizons, the Budget background documents have revealed

Investment matters
Laura Blows talks to NEST CIO Mark Fawcett about managing market conditions and compiling the best fund choices for DC members

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Investment matters
Laura Blows talks to NEST CIO Mark Fawcett about managing market conditions and compiling the best fund choices for DC members

Conditional data – the bedrock of good scheme governance
Duncan Watson, managing director of products and services, EQ Paymaster at Equiniti, talks to Francesca Fabrizi about the importance of conditional data to good scheme governance and how to get there

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