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Downloadable Presentations:
Chris Curry, Director, Pensions Policy Institute (PPI)
Laird Landmann, Group Managing Director, Co-Director Fixed Income, TCW
Anthony Raymond, Director of Legal Services, The Pensions Regulator (TPR)
Jessica Rigby, Director of Strategy, Evolve Pensions
Simon Steele, Head of Global Equities, AMP Capital

08:30 – 08:55: Registration and refreshments

08:55 – 09:00: Chairman’s welcome
Roger Cobley,
Pension Scheme Trustee and Chairman, Stamford Associates

09:00 – 09:30: Opening Keynote Speaker
Yvonne Braun,
Director of Policy, Long-Term Savings and Protection, ABI

Where next for pensions policy? It has been said that the cement on British pension policy never dries. Yvonne will share the ABI’s perspective on what needs to happen for our sector to earn the public’s trust, and to live up to our purpose of securing people’s retirement.

09:30 – 09:55: Listed infrastructure – the asset class we can’t live without
Alex Araujo,
Fund Manager, M&G Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

Alex Araujo discusses the enduring nature of infrastructure assets and their ability to deliver inflation-beating returns over the long term. He explains how listed infrastructure can provide effective diversification for investors’ portfolios in an asset class with ample liquidity, and dispels the myth that defensiveness is the only attraction of infrastructure. The asset class is a beneficiary of powerful thematic tailwinds which will drive long-term growth in income and capital.

09:55 – 10:20: Factor Investing - from textbook to artificial intelligence
Dr Volker Flögel,
CFA, Senior Associate Partner, Quoniam Asset Management

Factor investing is built on foundational research from over 50 years ago but modern techniques have provided investors with a set of tools that has the potential to revolutionise portfolio management. This presentation will discuss some of the hype behind artificial intelligence and big data and explore the practical (and impractical!) side of using machine learning to enhance investment forecasts.

10:20 – 10:45: Extracting Long Term Alpha from Global Equities
Simon Steele, 
Head of Global Equities, AMP Capital

Simon Steele will discuss the type of companies that are best placed to deliver long term alpha and how to identify long term alpha opportunities. Simon will also bring to light the role of quantitative and qualitative inputs, risk management and the link between ESG and long term alpha.

10:45 – 11:15: The consumer landscape is changing. Are you keeping up?
Andrew Moffitt,
Group Managing Director, Ferrier Pearce

We believe in treating pension scheme members as people - people who have more exciting things to do than reading about pensions. If you want to get your message across you need to speak to them using language and channels that are relevant to them. Technological development has fuelled and supported behavioural change. People use technology for everything from booking holidays to paying mortgages, so why should pensions be different? We explore what the next five years could look like if pension schemes harness the opportunities available to encourage healthy saving.

11:15 – 11:40: Coffee break

11:40 – 12:05: The Odyssey: 10 Years of Credit Expansion 
Laird Landmann, 
Group Managing Director, Co-Director Fixed Income, TCW

The presentation will explore the impacts of unconventional monetary policy on the fixed income markets and real economy following the great recession of 2008. Valuation will be the guiding principle of the journey as we tour the impact and causes of the great recession and the evolution of monetary policy since 2008. The odyssey will visit the central banks in the uncharted lands of negative interest rates and journey on to explore the dangers of late cycle credit analysis in the land of the blind. Finally, the journey will pass between the hazards of Scylla and Charybdis and explore policy choices between the consequences of negative rates or rising deficit spending across the developed world. Our eventual homecoming brings us to an exploration of the risks in the current bond market and portfolio positioning as we near the end of the credit cycle.

12:05 – 12:30: Capita - GMP Equalisation: It’s all about the DATA 
Geraldine Brassett, 
Client Relationship Director, Capita

GMP Equalisation is currently seen as the number one challenge by many schemes but there are a number of steps you can take now to make sure that you are well placed to meet this challenge. in this session, we focus on the aspect that underpins everything: your data. How can you tell if your data is equalisation ready? What are the steps you can take to get it there? And what are the most frequent data issues? Get all the answers you need from our GMP Equalisation expert, Geraldine Brassett.

12:30 – 13:00: Keynote Speaker
Chris Curry,
Director, Pensions Policy Institute (PPI)

What does the Future of Pensions Hold? Not an easy question to answer! Is the answer a more flexible approach? And would individuals be ready for such a mind-set change? Does CDC have a role to play in the future of pensions? All questions Chris Curry, Director of the Pensions Policy Institute, will be looking to address during his presentation.

13:00 – 14:00: Lunch break

14:00 – 14:30: Top considerations for the cash-flow aware pension fund
Sébastien Proffit,
Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Solutions, AXA Investment Managers
Hershel Pant, 
Senior Consultant Relationship Manager, AXA Investment Managers

As pension schemes mature, their focus has moved on to cashflow management. Adapting to a cashflow aware world requires pension schemes & their delegates to think through long-term issues across the investment value chain – to help provide security and predictability of the cashflows needed. We take a look at some important long-term issues - such as liquidity, ESG and end-game awareness - and how the value chain is adapting.

14:30 – 15:00: How can Master Trusts influence smaller schemes to improve governance and member outcomes.
Jessica Rigby, 
Director of Strategy, Evolve Pensions

Jessica will discuss the structures and processes undertaken by an Authorised Master Trust operator and how small scheme could learn from the trustees, administration, investment proposition and the member experience that all make the governance of Master Trusts the ‘standard’ for pension provision in the UK.

15:00 – 15:30: Closing Keynote Speaker
Anthony Raymond,
Director of Legal Services, The Pensions Regulator (TPR)

Anthony Raymond will provide an update on the Pension Regulator’s recent activities and priorities, including its new supervision and enforcement work and what it means for the regulated community. He’ll also address the future of trusteeship and combatting scams.

15:30 – Onwards: Chairman's round up, Drinks Reception and Networking