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PENSION SCHEME AWARDS (open for entry to UK pension schemes)

1. DC Pension Scheme of the Year
Defined Contribution (DC) pension provision has evolved beyond recognition in the areas of investment, communication and scheme design. We reward those DC schemes that have developed their proposition with a clear focus on what really matters – meeting member needs. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Warburtons Pension and Life Assurance Plan

2. DB Pension Scheme of the Year
Despite an increasing number of defined benefit (DB) scheme closures, DB provision still makes up a huge percentage of UK pension provision. We award the DB scheme that has risen to the investment and regulatory challenges facing the DB pension space today and as such serves as an inspiration to other schemes in the pensions marketplace. Enter here
2018 WINNER: ICI Pension Fund

3. Best Risk Management Exercise
As pension schemes face increasing pressures, managing these different risks effectively is of ever greater importance, with buyouts seen as the ultimate goal to not just manage, but remove risk. This awards aims to recognise those pension schemes that have shown a true understanding of the best ways to tackle their risks and who stand out from the crowd with their innovation and excellence. Enter here
2018 WINNER: American Express UK Pension Plan

4. Pension Scheme Communication Award
An excellent pensions offering is wasted if the member communication applied fails to deliver. This category awards the pension schemes that have used innovation and flair to get their member communication proposition the best it can be and has the results to prove it. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Environment Agency Pension Fund (EAPF)

5. Best Auto-enrolment Implementation Award
After years of debate, auto-enrolment is now two years into its application. We award the pension schemes that have embraced auto-enrolment and implemented an auto-enrolment proposition which can act as a flagship for others to follow suit. Enter here

6. Pensions Administration Award
The importance of effective pensions administration cannot be underestimated, especially given the changes in UK pensions regulation in the last few year. This category aims to award the pension scheme that continues to keep administration as a key consideration, proving it has the needs of the member at the heart of its offering. Enter here
2018 WINNER: TPT Retirement Solutions

7. Best Investment Strategy Award
Getting the investment strategy right is one of the biggest challenges a pension scheme has to overcome, particularly given the current economic environment. We reward the pension schemes that have implemented an investment strategy that sets the standards for the industry to follow. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Railways Pension Scheme (RPMI)

8. Pension Scheme Innovation Award
Innovation has been rife in the UK pensions space, be that in the area of investment, product design, de-risking or any other area. This award aims to reward those pension schemes that have truly added value to the pensions space with its originality and innovation. Enter here
2018 WINNER: London Pensions Fund Authority/Lancashire County Pension Fund

PENSION PROVIDER AWARDS (open for entry by a provider serving pension schemes in the UK)

9. Pensions Consultancy of the Year
Pensions consultancy has evolved dramatically in recent years, with the bigger players expanding their services to meet the changing needs of clients coupled with well respected niche players entering the space. This category is aimed at recognising the pensions/investment/actuarial consultancy firms that have shown a true dedication to serving its UK pension scheme clients, displaying a true understanding of their needs, and one that continues to move with the times. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Aon

10. Pensions Provider of the Year
The introduction of auto-enrolment is just one thing that has forced UK pension providers to up their game. This award celebrates those firms (including life companies, auto-enrolment providers and any other type of pension provider) that have moved with the times and have displayed excellence in the area of pension provision, be that in the DB or DC space. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Scottish Widows

11. Fiduciary Management Firm of the Year
Fiduciary management services are now embedded in the UK pensions space, with offerings coming from various types of providers in the market. This category rewards the Fiduciary Management/Implemented/Delegated Consultancy Firms that truly add value to the pensions space, meeting the specific needs of their clients whilst also displaying strong performance. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Russell Investments

12. Pensions Technology Firm of the Year
Effective and reliable pensions technology and data management is essential for the successful running of any pension scheme. This award will recognise those firms that are leaders in the field of pensions technology, and ultimately reward who is the best of the best in this increasingly important category. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Smart Pension

13. At-retirement Solutions Provider of the Year
The at-retirement marketplace has been neglected for many years – until now. This award aims to recognise those firms that have shown innovation and dedication to improving the retirement experience of their clients and have worked hard to help those entering the retirement phase to make the most of their pension pot. Enter here
2018 WINNER: JLT Employee Benefits 

14. Independent Trustee Firm of the Year - sponsored by Rothesay Life
The pensions space has become a minefield for pension scheme trustees struggling to cope with changing regulation, governance pressures and investment challenges, which is why the role of the independent trustee firm has become key. This awards looks to give recognition to those firms that truly assist the pension scheme trustee in managing their day-to-day challenges. Enter here
2018 WINNER: 2020 Trustees 

15. Pensions Law Firm of the Year
New regulation has added to the maze that is pensions law. We seek out those law firms that not only serve the pensions space, but do so with the highest of standards, vigour and a true dedication to meeting the needs of its clients. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Eversheds Sutherland 

16. Pensions Accountancy Firm of the Year
We reward those pension scheme accountants that recognise the needs of the pensions market and have tailored their services accordingly, with a focus on excellence. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Ensors Accountants LLP 

17. Passive Manager of the Year
This award celebrates the manager that demonstrates strong returns, provides excellent customer service and shows a true understanding of the needs of their clients. Enter here
2018 WINNER: HSBC Global Asset Management

18. Active Manager of the Year
The Active Manager of the Year Award recognises the manager that has demonstrated consistent outperformance and an innovative approach to its investment strategy. Enter here
2018 WINNER: M&G Investments 

19. Equities Manager of the Year
This category aims to celebrate those firms that have proved themselves as leaders in the equities space, both in terms of performance numbers and recognising the needs of their pension clients. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Vontobel Asset Management  

20. Fixed Income Manager of the Year
Fixed income has evolved from a safe sleepy asset class into a dynamic and diverse option for UK pension funds today. We recognise those firms that have not only displayed innovation in this area to take advantage of the opportunities out there, but also have the performance numbers to prove their expertise. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Insight Investment 

21. Alternatives Manager of the Year
Alternatives have become an essential part of a UK pension fund portfolio. We recognise those firms that have shown a true flair for extracting value from the alternatives space to the benefit of their pension clients. Enter here
2018 WINNER: BlackRock

22. Emerging Markets Manager of the Year
There is no shortage of investment managers in the emerging markets space, but who stands out among their peers? This award will recognise those who have truly embraced the emerging market space to the benefit of its UK pension clients. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Newton Investment Management

23. Property Manager of the Year
This award recognises those firms that have shown a true understanding of the UK, European and Global property markets and have been able to translate that knowledge into risk adjusted returns for the benefit of their pension clients. Enter here
2018 WINNER: LaSalle Investment Management

24. LDI Manager of the Year
Understanding what LDI really means and applying it to the benefit of your pension clients requires true skill and understanding of pension fund needs. We reward the providers that excel in the LDI space despite the challenges it may present. Enter here
2018 WINNER: River and Mercantile Derivatives 

25. Hedge Fund Manager of the Year
Hedge funds have proved themselves a worthy asset class for UK pension funds. We reward those hedge fund managers who have proved themselves in the management of this sophisticated investment class. Enter here

26. Infrastructure Manager of the Year
At one of the most challenging times in pension fund investment, Infrastructure is now being taken seriously as an asset class among the UK's pension investors. We recognise those players that understand this complex asset class and are working hard to help pension funds reap the potential rewards. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Hermes Investment Management

27. Multi-asset Manager/Provider of the Year
The role of multi-asset products has grown in importance in recent years, as providers strive to meet the diverse needs of pension funds. We assess the best of the best in this increasingly competitive investment space. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Aberdeen Standard Investments 

28. Index Provider of the Year
Given the increasingly important role indices play in pension provision, we recognise those index providers that have displayed innovation in their product design and an understanding of what the UK pensions market really needs. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Legal & General Investment Management

29. Risk Management Provider of the Year
With risk management at the top of pension schemes’ agendas, de-risking propositions have flooded the market. We award the provider that has provided innovative solutions to truly help pension schemes to manage, or remove, their risks. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Pension Insurance Corporation

30. Pensions Communications Award
Effective communication is key to the success of any pension scheme – we reward those providers who have used innovation and excellence to help their clients improve engagement among their members. Enter here
2018 WINNER: Quietroom

31. Innovation Award
Innovation has been rife in the UK pensions space, be that in the area of investment, product design, de-risking or any other area. This award aims to reward those providers that have truly added value to the pensions space with its originality and innovation. Enter here
2018 WINNER: LifeSight, Willis Towers Watson

32. Administration Provider of the Year
High quality administration is a key cog in the smooth running of any pension scheme, and those providers who offer strong administration services to the market are invaluable. We celebrate those providers who bring excellence and accuracy to this vital role. Enter here
2018 WINNER: JLT Employee Benefits

33. Master Trust Offering of the Year
Master trusts have taken the UK market by storm, as pension funds continue to look for ways to control their costs without compromising on quality and governance. We look at who is ahead of the game in this space. Enter here
2018 WINNER: The People's Pension 


34. Personality of the Year
This award (nominated by our readers) aims to recognise those individuals that have truly made their mark in the UK pensions space. Nominees can include anyone who has had an influential role in the UK pension sphere - be they a government representative, someone from a pensions association, someone working for a service provider (such as an asset manager or a consultant), or someone working for a pension fund. To nominate someone for the Personality award please explain in 100 words or more why you would like to nominate this person and send it to francesca.fabrizi@pensionsage.com along with a large, high resolution photograph of your nominee.
2018 WINNER: Malcolm McLean OBE, Barnett Waddingham

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