Aviva customers can now ask Alexa for the value of their pension

Aviva has created a new skill for Amazon’s Alexa, allowing its customers to ask the virtual assistant for the current value of their pension savings.

It comes as research from Aviva found that 33 per cent of people said easier access to their pension balance would increase engagement. Twenty-one per cent of people currently check their pension balance less than once a year.

Customers registered on MyAviva can link the skill to their Alexa account and then ask the voice assistant to tell them the value of their pension pot.

Commenting, Aviva managing director of UK and international digital Blair Turnbull said: “The new Aviva skill transforms the way people can connect with their pension, allowing them to effortlessly find out their latest pension value from the comfort of their home.

“Increasing people’s interest in pension saving will only happen if we make it easy for them to check on their progress. The Aviva Alexa skill and our MyAviva app can really help people take control of their retirement planning.”

There are some people, however, who are already interested in their pension savings as one in 20 (6 per cent) of those surveyed revealed they check their pension balance on a daily basis!

When asked what would make them more engaged in pension saving, the second most popular answer (33 per cent) was to have easier ways to access their pension balance such as a mobile app. Only better education about how pensions work ranked higher (36 per cent).

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